Services for Writers

Critique Your Novel

Need a little help getting your idea off the ground? Stuck in a rut with your writing? I can provide a detailed critique of your novel extract, looking at characters, plot and structure, as well as writing style and the general ‘flow’ of the narrative.

It’s $5 for 5000 words (through Fiverr) and additional gigs can be purchased to up the word count if you want me to look at more than that. I would suggest starting with 5000 words to see if you like my style of critique and find the feedback helpful, then purchase more if desired.

Click here for more details.

Testimonials: I was suffering through some really bad writer’s block, and Liberty’s comment really helped me regain my enthusiasm for the project. I highly recommend her. Though not too highly because, if she gets too busy, she won’t have time to do my next book 🙂

Word Count Tracker

If, like me, you miss NaNoWriMo’s word counting and the motivation it provides when it isn’t November, take a look at my word count tracker (also available through Fiverr). For a one off payment of $5, I will provide you with a word count tracker template that you can use again and again to record your word counts by day, week, month and year.

Click here for more details.

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