Other Writing

Short Stories

The Weekend Creation: Blind Date (Written 2nd February 2011)

Lucy sees nightmares, but what sort of person doesn’t have any?

It Felt Like Freedom, Part 1 (Written 31st October 2012)
It Felt Like Freedom, Part 2 (Written 1st November 2012)

Adzo Belewa is a survivor in a Post Apocalyptic world. On the day of the Turn, everyone over the age of 20 became Fleshers, horrific monsters with a nose for blood and a taste for human flesh. Adzo and the other survivors try to build a future for themselves, but every month the Fleshers are getting faster, stronger…

Cobwebs (Written September 2012, Posted 12th December 2012)

A woman returns to her house after a house fire and examines her life.

Stars, Part 1 (Written 4th January 2013)
Stars, Part 2 (Written 5th January 2013)
Stars, Part 3 (Written 6th January 2013)

Sunia’s only chance to get out of a marriage she doesn’t want is to go on a pilgrimage – a journey meant to remind you of everything you have and to be grateful for it. But rather than follow the path set by her guides, Sunia follows in her grandmother’s footsteps, and learns some terrible truths about the stars.


The Weekend Creation: Opposites (Written 2007)

A poem about long distance relationships.

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