Adam and Ava Series

The following are all stories set in the ‘No Such Thing As Fairies’ universe, and feature largely the same characters. The stories (hopefully) don’t have to be read in any particular order, but the first on the list is the short story where it all began.

The subsequent stories were written based on prompts given in The Writing Workshop, which unfortunately no longer runs. I did a few more stories after its demise, but the series is – at least for the moment – discontinued.

A Brief Summary: In a sleepy rural town, Ava, daughter of a powerful and influential member of the Fey Court, has been raised human. Intended to be the perfect infiltrator, a Fey agent with human influence and know-how, the Court has big plans for her. But Ava has human friends – Holly and her nerdy little brother Adam – and human desires. She knows what the Court wants from her, but what about what she wants?

Genre: YA, Paranormal

There’s No Such Thing As Fairies (Written 2009, Posted 21/07/10)

Ava and her friends are busy collecting money for charity but Adam has an ulterior motive. He wants to find proof that fairies exist, but proof may be closer than he thinks…

The Writing Workshop: Giving (Written January 15th 2011)

Adam gives Ava a birthday present.

The Writing Workshop: Freedom (Written January 29th 2011)

Most teens consider a driver’s licence a ticket to freedom. So does Ava. Sort of.

The Writing Workshop: I Wanted, I Have, I Want (Written February 8th 2011)

Ava considers what she wanted, what she has, what she still desires…

The Weekend Creation: Be Mine, Valentine (Written February 11th 2011)

Ava’s Valentine’s celebrations don’t go exactly according to plan…

The Writing Workshop: I Believe (Written February 21st 2011)

Adam considers which is the most ridiculous of his beliefs.

The Writing Workshop: Object Stories (Written March 12th 2011)

Ava is given a ring.

The Writing Workshop: Personality Catwalk (Written June 23rd 2011)

Ava contemplates the power of appearance, and what skin she is most comfortable in.

The Writing Workshop: What Today Meant (Written July 5th 2011)

When Adam can’t say the words, he tries writing an email.

The Writing Workshop: Big Screen Inspiration (Written August 8th 2011)

Adam takes out his frustration on some rocks.

The Writing Workshop: Gifts (Written 19th August 2011)

Adam tries to build bridges with flowers.

The Writing Workshop: Missing (Written 24th October 2011)

Adam’s trail reminds Ava of the things her childhood was missing.

The Writing Workshop: Second (Written 3rd February 2012)

The first time Ava ever came second place.

The Writing Workshop: Running Away (Written 7th March 2012)

Ava has spent a long time running away.

A Break in the Clouds (Written 21st October 2012)

As Adam leads Ava to the end of his trail, Ava realises something is wrong…

Not a Moment’s Rest (Written 2nd November 2012)

Ava and Adam deal with the aftermath of Ava’s actions.

Exhausted (Written 10th November 2012)

As Adam and Ava try to outrun Natalia, they stop for rest in a small town in Germany.

Disappointed (Written 23rd November 2012)

Adam and Ava both experience disappointments…

Percy (Written 27th November 2012)

Adam tries to find Ava and finds someone else entirely…

The Last Resort (Written 8th December 2012)

Ava does something she knows she must, but really doesn’t want to…

Fever (Written 11th December 2012)

Ava and Adam attend a fairy celebration.

Oasis (Written 24th December 2012)

Adam and Ava learn of a prophecy.

Pride (Written 13th February 2013)

Ava’s mother, Natalia, returns for her daughter.

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