All About Me

My name is Liberty Gilmore. Well, it’s not – it’s a pseudonym. I used to be a teacher, which meant I didn’t want my real name and face all over the internet. It struck me as asking for trouble.

I’m not a teacher any more. I’m a secret agent.

Not really. But I’ve forged this little corner of the internet now, and I rather like it here. It’s cozy. There’s a nice fire going in the log burner and I’ve got the mood lighting just right.

So my name is Liberty Gilmore. I like books – reading and writing them. I also like video games, mucking around on photoshop, playing piano, painting tiny models and running. I am fond of lists and Excel spreadsheets. I possess multiple diaries and to-do lists, a month and week whiteboard organiser and have the same again in electronic form. I still forget lots of important stuff. Like birthdays. I am definitely somewhere on the Autistic spectrum.

I am fortunate to live in the beautiful Shropshire countryside in England with my Fiancé – who also doesn’t want his name and face all over the internet, and hence goes by ‘the Fiancé’. I hope to upgrade him to ‘the Husband’ sometime in the next two years.

Book Reviews

*Please note, I am not currently accepting book reviews, due to having a considerable back log. I would still LOVE to feature you on the blog for a guest post, so get in touch!*

If you are a publisher or author and would like me to consider your book for review, then please email me at liberty@libertygilmore.com

My preferred genres are YA, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal, but I will read almost anything. Try me. If I think the book in question sounds interesting, I’ll give it a go.

I get a fair few review requests, and have a considerable TBR pile of my own, so I may not be able to review books within the required timescale. In that case, I may be able to offer guest posts, interviews or blog tour slots.

for writers

I post a number of writing related articles on the blog – from advice about how to find the time to write, to the craft itself. For an archive of the posts, check out the ‘Writing‘ section of my blog.

I am also available for critiques if you would like an impartial pair of eyes to go through your novel with a fine tooth comb. You’ll find more information in the ‘Services‘ section of my blog.

Social Media

These are the other places you can find me. Come say ‘hi’ sometime!

Twitter: @libertyfallsdwn

Pinterest: Liberty Gilmore

Goodreads: Liberty Gilmore

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Ian Lahey says:

    Hello Liberty,
    was looking to contact you for a book review but saw the backlog notice. Anyway, new author here. My webpage is ianlahey.wixsite.com/author
    I’d be more than happy to play guest for you. Let me know.


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