Review: Night Spots by Tori Knightwood

night spotsTitle: Night Spots

Author: Tori Knightwood

Series: Hotel Safari #2

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Summary (from Goodreads)

She knew she’d fall in love with Nairobi, but not in Nairobi.

Tara Murray is an Aussie on a mission to see the world. Her gap year has been enlightening, but gets much more exciting when she meets a Kenyan-American heartthrob with a killer smile. But she’s not in Nairobi to meet guys, not even to help her get over the unrequited love she left behind.

Nelson Kimani isn’t looking for a serious relationship. He’ll only be in Nairobi for a couple of months, following a semester working at a safari lodge, and then he’ll head home to the U.S. to finish his graduate degree. But Tara knocks this leopard shifter off his haunches. He wants to get to know the bold, curvy Aussie better, physically at first, and see where things go. But she won’t let him in.

What will happen when Tara discovers Nelson’s biggest secret, the wild animal inside?


I really enjoyed this. Short and sweet, it doesn’t give you a great deal of time to get to know the characters, but there’s enough relationship development to leave you feeling satisfied, and enough romantic tension to keep things a bit spicy.

What I think I liked most is the setting – which might sound like an odd thing to say about a romance, but I can’t say I’ve read many romances set outside of America or Britain, so it was refreshing to have a completely different environment. I’ve never been to Nairobi, so I can’t speak to how accurately it’s portrayed, but the sense of it was well crafted – giving flavour of a different environment enough to make it interesting without wasting precious space with too much world building.

Nelson as a romantic lead was great – I love a confident guy. And Tara’s back and forth battle with herself about her feelings for Nelson was enough to keep things tense, without becoming irritating.

The paranormal element seemed almost like it could have been taken out completely, and the same story pretty much could have been told, but then I like a bit of paranormal in my stories, romantic or otherwise, so it was just an added layer of interest for me.

Overall, a great little read that might just leave you feeling like you’re on the warm African continent, rather than watching the winter nights close in, with a cute romance to give you the warm fuzzies to boot.

Rating: 4/5


One thought on “Review: Night Spots by Tori Knightwood

  1. Diana says:

    Omg I’m really excited about this.A book set in my town!That doesn’t happen often and one of the protagonists is Kenyan and from my side of the country.Great review.I definitely have to find this book and also see how Nairobi is portrayed.Glad you enjoyed it.


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