Review: Fierce Protector by Liza Street

Fierce protectorTitle: Fierce Protector

Author: Liza Street

Series: Sierra Pride #3

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Received for review from the author

Summary (from Goodreads)

Miranda Hsin is a grad student with a goal: grab her mountain lion samples and get the hell out of the woods. She doesn’t mind nature and she’s great at tracking her quarry, but there’ve been some strange footprints—barefoot human footprints—in a stretch of forest that should be free of people. She’s used to having all the answers, but suddenly she’s without a clue.

In danger of being banished from his pride, Gabriel Fournier came to the forest to forget his brother’s mate. Now he’s finally got his eye on a woman who can make him forget all about Hera, and Gabriel has a chance at happiness…if only the two of them can put enough faith in their love to shake off Miranda’s advisor, a woman intent on using Gabriel as a science project.


The Sierra Pride series continues pairing off sexy shapeshifters, this time with Alpha of the pride, Gabriel, taking his turn to find a mate.

Gabriel has been a bit of a… well, a bit of a knob so far in the series – trying to use his alpha status to muscle in on Hera. Here we find him in self imposed exile, trying to get his brother’s mate off his mind.

So, it’s a little trickier to warm to him at first, but soon he meets Miranda and sparks start to fly. And then we’re in the familiar territory of sparks flying, sexual chemistry going off the charts, and a spanner being thrown in the works before our heroes can achieve their happily ever after.

The whole point of the series is that they are short, sweet, sexy romances, but I’ve never felt the ‘short’ quite so bad as I did on this one. Miranda’s situation and the antagonist – Miranda’s boss – are so interesting, I just wanted more, more, more. Which left me feeling a little unsatisfied when things were wrapped up as quickly as they were.

Street continues to deliver exciting, page turning chemistry between her leads, with interesting background stuff developing alongside the complete narrative of each starring couple. I’m excited to see where the series takes me next!

Rating: 4/5


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