Coming Up On The Blog…

So things have been quiet around here for a while. I’ve been busy working on publishing my series, and that has left limited time and energy for blogging.

However, I just got back from YALC and I feel like I have a LOT to talk about.

So, over the next few weeks, here are some of the things that will be featuring:

Reviews of ARCs

I have a couple of reviews to catch up on, but I also got my hands on a few ARCs at YALC, so expect some exciting new YA books to be featuring. I’ve already read Contagion by Teri Terry (advanced review: It was pretty good!) and will be working my way through the rest as soon as my suitcase is delivered today! (Too many books – couldn’t get it on the train, so my sister is bringing it up with her.)

Discussion of Ideas

I went to a number of talks that were really interesting, raising some important questions, and some less important, but still thought provoking ones. I particularly want to talk about Maneula Salvi, who impressed me during the ‘Morally Complicated YA’ panel.

Sampler Summaries

I picked up every sampler I could get my hands on. I’m planning to read a few and write a short post about which ones are working for me, which ones aren’t, and try to dissect why a little. It’s a common principle that the first few chapters really have to grab a reader, but will any of the samplers grab me enough to make me go out and get the full book.


I picked up plenty of goodies – I want to write about my favourites, and the other activities that were going on and how effective they are for promoting the books.

So, lots to talk about! But in general, YALC was brilliant, and I’d love to go again. I’d really recommend it for readers and writers. It’s primarily for readers, but you won’t be a good writer if you’re not a good reader, and just being immersed in all that atmosphere – breathing the same air as so much talent – is inspirational. I’m exhausted, but I feel charged up and excited to be reading and writing YA.


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