Critique Service

I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled program today to draw your attention to a critiquing service I’m offering through Fiverr.

I’m an experienced reader and have been in and out of writing groups for years, providing feedback for others through sites like Scrivener, too. If you’re interested in having someone with a critical eye look over your work in progress, I’d love to here from you. Further details below.

5000 word critique for $5 | Liberty Falls Down

I will critique 5000 words of your novel (or more with gig extras).

What I will provide:

  • Detailed feedback on characterisation, plot, setting and dialogue
  • Comments on clarity of writing stye – I will highlight any ambiguity in your wording or phrasing, purple prose and any passages that are difficult to follow
  • Comments and suggestions on how to make improvements in any areas of weakness within the extract
  • Basic proofreading – I will highlight any obvious spelling/grammar errors

I will require your extract in a Word Document and will use Word’s ‘Track Changes’ features when critiquing.

I allow a buffer of 100 words, so if your extract is just over the 5000, there’s no need to purchase an additional package.

Delivery time is 5 days to allow an in-depth and careful reading of your extract, as well as detailed feedback. If you require feedback sooner than that, this can be purchased in gig extras.

I am an avid reader across all genres with a 1st class Honours Degree in Creative Writing. I have years of experience working with writers groups and critique groups and an excellent understanding of what makes a story work.

Click here to view gig on Fiverr.


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