Featured Author: About Kenley Davidson

Featured Author Kenley Davidson

February’s featured author is Kenley Davidson, author of the Andari Chronicles. Throughout the month, we’ll be learning all about her series, with interviews, guest posts and reviews.

About the author

Featured author Kenley DavidsonKenley Davidson is a story-lover, word-nerd and incurable introvert who is most likely to be found either writing or hiding somewhere in a book

A native Oregonian, Kenley now resides in Oklahoma, where she persists in remaining a devoted pluviophile. Addictions include coffee, roller coasters, more coffee, researching random facts, and reading the dictionary (which is way more fun than it sounds). A majority of her time is spent being mom to two kids and two dogs while inventing reasons not to do laundry (most of which seem to involve books).


author's works

TraitorsMasque-KindleCover_FinalTraitor’s Masque (The Andari Chronicles #1)

Eighteen-year-old Trystan Colbourne believes she has nothing to lose. Her father has died, her stepmother has stolen her inheritance, and her stepsisters are as vicious as they are beautiful. If she wants a future beyond their cruelty and indifference, she has just one chance to make it for herself—by accepting an enticing offer from an unexpected benefactor. The offer? A life of freedom in exchange for her part in a harmless deception.

Trystan hopes her freedom will give her the chance to find out whether her mysterious new friend Donevan can be trusted with her secrets… and her heart. But trust is a dangerous business, and when her harmless deception turns sinister, Trystan discovers that trusting the wrong person may have placed the entire kingdom of Andar in grave peril. Unwittingly embroiled in espionage, treason, and deadly intrigue, Trystan will be forced to decide who she really wants to be, and how high a price she’s willing to pay to make her dreams come true.


Gold heartGoldheart (The Andari Chronicles #2)

Elaine Westover is a talented artist, but for much of her life she has hidden from the world. Now, jilted by her fiancé and left penniless by her father’s death, Elaine is desperate to resolve her financial difficulties and save her family home. Despite a deep fear of strangers, she feels she has no choice but to take up a public career as a painter of portraits.

When she is asked to create a final tribute to wealthy banker Torbert Melling’s dying wife, it soon becomes clear that there is far more at stake than her commission. Disturbed by Melling’s revelations, Elaine refuses his request, but finds herself imprisoned by Melling and his sinister butler until she agrees to his impossible demands.

Held captive in a house filled with darkness and despair, haunted by sadness and secrets, Elaine must call upon every bit of her courage merely to survive. But can she do more than just survive? With her freedom and her livelihood at stake, Elaine has no choice but to accept the aid of a mysterious benefactor who may or may not have her best interests at heart.



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