Words for 2016

Over on The Joy Chaser is a worksheet to help you think of what words are going to represent your 2016. As a writer and reader, I believe whole heartedly in the power that words have, and how they can influence lives.

If worksheets aren’t your thing, Michelle has a list of words on the post linked above that you can choose from. This is what I did, because I only had to look at it and words jumped out at me.

So, these are going to be my words for 2016:

2016 Words https://libertyfallsdown.wordpress.com

I couldn’t settle on one any more than the other, so I’m going to be greedy and have all three. I think they will be relevant at different times more so than others. They also reflect the goals and ambitions I have for this year, and I’m hoping the fact that they jumped out at me so quickly means my brain is ultra focused on those goals, and they will therefore be achieved.


I was the kid at school you hated because she seemed to find everything (excepting P.E.) very easy. I was good at learning and good at school, which made me think I’d be good at teaching. I wasn’t. It was really the first time I’d ever properly failed at anything, and it knocked my confidence more than I realised at the time. I got to the point where I never thought I could be good at anything again, and it’s taken a long time of being in a different environment to turn this negative thought pattern around.

So this year I want to be thinking that I can be successful – in my work, in my writing, in my day to day life. I don’t mean I’m going to become a gazillionaire, selling more books that JK, or that I’m going to be promoted four times and become boss of my department. I just want to do a good job, and recognise that I’m doing a good job and celebrate this.


There are many things about my life I want to improve. My 5k time, my general fitness, the state of my spare room, the amount of things in the study, the state of my bank account, the condition of my hair, my mental health resilience, my ability to keep on top of the clothes washing. I could go on. The fact is, my life is very comfortable. I could easily stay the same and remain happy. But I want to always be striving to make things better, starting with myself, but including my lifestyle. And part of that leads nicely on to the next word…


I get frustrated sometimes because I feel like I don’t do a lot (see aforementioned state of bank account for a large reason why) and I want this to change. I won’t magically have more money overnight, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do stuff. You can do plenty of stuff that’s free. In July last year I walked up a local hill for the first time in the ten plus years I’ve lived here. It didn’t cost a penny, bar petrol, it was really enjoyable (and I got engaged at the top, to boot) leaving me wondering why I hadn’t bothered to do it before. So that’s my final word – experience. Enjoy the experiences that are out there. Do more stuff. Don’t let another year go by sitting on the sofa!

Check out The Joy Chaser and choose your words for 2016.



3 thoughts on “Words for 2016

  1. Michelle Reeves (The Joy Chaser) says:

    Oh I’m so glad that you found your words and that my post and worksheet were useful! You’ve choose three strong words about achievement and I hope that they manifest all sorts of awesomeness for you in 2016 my friend. Thanks too for sharing this at #sharethejoy and hope to see you again soon x


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