New Year, New Blog

Anyone who’s visited in the last couple of weeks might have noticed a few changes around here.

I’ve been quiet for a couple of months – NaNoWriMo required a lot of my attention, and I’ve been wanting to do a rejig of things for a while. it seemed like an appropriate moment to hit the pause button.

For a long time I’ve been blogging in lieu of actually writing. Which isn’t a bad thing in some ways – blogging is writing and it keeps the fingers and the mind limber. But it’s not what I want to be spending all that time on. I want to have the energy to work on my fiction alongside producing better content on the blog.

And with the content overhaul, I figured it was time for an appearance overhaul too! I hope you like the new layout. It’s brightened the place up a bit, at least.

So, what can you expect from the blog in the future?

Book Reviews

Some things never change! I still have an enormous TBR pile and a NetGalley backlog that’s frankly embarrassing. So I will still be posting book reviews as and when I read anything that’s worth reviewing.

I’ll still be participating in the Goodreads reading challenge and, as already laid out in my  New Year’s Resolution post, will be reading 4 books a month, more if I get round to it.

Featured Author

Every month, I’m going to be turning the spotlight on a different author, featuring reviews of their work, guest posts and interviews. Kelsey Ketch has kindly signed up to go first in January. Any authors reading this who would like to participate, get in touch with me via email ( or twitter.

Reading and writing

More content relating to reading and writing – books I’m looking forwards to, commentary on any big news that might emerge in 2016, the writing process, websites and resources for writers. I was fortunate enough to be chose to review One Stop For Writers last year and it was great to be able to discuss the website and the resources they share on the blog. Thinking critically about writing tools helps me to think critically about my writing process, and that’s something I really want to do more of.

And there will likely be more developments along the way. The overhaul plan is really still in its first stages. I’ll be experimenting with stuff and seeing what works. If you have any ideas or feedback,  speak up in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy reading and writing!


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