New Year’s Resolutions 2016

I’m not even going to look at last year’s New Year’s Resolutions, because I know for a fact that none of them happened, and it’s a bit embarrassing.

Granted there were some good reasons for a few, but mostly it’s because New Year’s Resolutions are just a ridiculous thing that don’t work.

Buuuut…. I do like to have a challenge. So that’s what I’m going to set myself this year. Challenges that are smaller, more easy to measure. Achievements I can look at month by month.

So, here’s what I’m going to do:

1. 1 hour a day spent on my writing

I’m not going to specify that this has to be every day, because that’s just not manageable. But month by month, I’d like to average out 28, 30 or 31 hours – dependant on which month it is.

I’m also not going to specify that this has to be writing. It could be editing, designing book covers or, if I actually publish (closer than ever – just need to polish my book), promotion.

I am going to say that this has to be in addition to any time spent blogging. Because it’s too easy to while away the hours blogging. I’m going to be blogging less regularly, because I don’t think spending so much time on the blog is beneficial.

2. Read 4 books a month

My reading has been dreadful the past couple of months. I’ve hardly touched a paperback since September. I still have piles of books I need to read and get rid of, or give back to their owners. If I can read four a month, that’s going to do wonders for the state of my bookshelves.

3. 10 hours painting Warhammer

This is a decluttering thing, a money making thing, and a passion/hobby thing. I was really enjoying painting the warhammer. Then I was concentrating so much on the writing I didn’t have time for it so much, then it got dark and the light has to be good to paint.

But the fact is, I have a draw full of the bloody things and I would really like to finish painting them and get them sold on eBay so I can make myself some pocket money and have the pleasure of enjoying the painting. Again, I’m not going to specify that this has to be half an hour every day – I’ll probably do it in much longer stints. But 10 hours a month should be enough to make decent forward progress on the models I have, and hopefully that means I’ll soon see some reward for my effort!

And a bonus that’s a bit more ‘resolution-y’

My one and only resolution this year is going to be to take control of my social media accounts. I’m sick of wasting ages on Facebook and Twitter getting to the content I actually want. I’m tired of people spamming my feeds with hate, or incessant retweets or just stuff I’m not interested in.

So, my resolution is to make judicious use of the ‘unfollow’, ‘block’ and ‘unfriend’ buttons until I have social media (and email) that actually works for me. I’ve already started on the email. Now I’ve unsubscribed from a load of mailing lists for companies I bought things from once, I find I’m actually reading my email. And getting stuff out of the other subscriptions I have that I generally ignore among the rest of the dross. It’s so much better. I can’t wait for Facebook and Twitter to be the same!

Will you be setting yourselves any challenges? What are your New Year’s Resolutions? A very Happy New Year to you either way! I hope 2016 brings you success, joy, laughter and light.

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