The Bargain Games Club: Lego Movie

The_Lego_Movie_Videogame_coverThe Lego Movie Video Game
Price: Available from around £15

I have been playing Skyrim, but it’s soooooo long, I decided I needed a break and put this on.

Couldn’t get further from Skyrim, I’ll be honest. The Lego Movie Videogame is very… loud. And very techno. I couldn’t play it for too long because it gave me a really bad headache.

Mercifully, it was also quite short. Unlike most Lego games where you have ten mini kits to collect in each level, Lego Movie had only 5. Most of them were pretty easy, too. I got the sense that this was much more aimed at kids than it was adults. Most Lego games are based on films or franchises that have much older target audiences, but Lego Movie was definitely a kids film, and I do think the level of difficulty reflected this.

As Lego games go, this was one of the more glitchy ones I’ve played. It took flaming ages to load, and then it kept crashing on loading screens, forcing me to reset my playstation and load it all again. They’ve also got rid of the map for exploring the world map, and don’t have any sort of level ‘hub’ so you have to try to find the levels in the world map in order to replay them. After loosing track of which I’d already replayed about four levels in, I resorted to asking Google. I don’t know why they’ve taken this backwards step, but I hope they remedy it in the next one I play.

Overall, a reasonable game – fun in the way all Lego games are, though some frustrating design choices and glitches, plus the techno music made it a less enjoyable experience than every other Lego game I’ve played.

Up Next: Still plodding through Skyrim, alongside Assassin’s Creed 3


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