Z is for World War Z


‘World War Z

I bought The Zombie Survival Guide a long time before I even knew that ‘World War Z’ was a thing. I just like zombies, and the book looked fun. At least, I’m pretty sure I bought it. Apologies if it was a gift. I’m second guessing and doubting myself now!

Anyway, I had that, and read it, and loved it. And then I worked out that World War Z was a book and thought it would be a good idea to read it. I had a free Audible credit, so I downloaded it and listened to it in the car while I was driving to work.

The audiobook version was fantastic. The different voices for the different stories really added to the appeal. It started in me a love affair with audiobooks that I continue with to this day.

But what I really loved about World War Z was the practical approach to the zombie apocalypse. My particular favourite sequence is the botched attempt by the military to take back New York (I think it’s New York, it’s been a while) where they use the most high tech weaponry to take on the Zombie horde, only to have it fail utterly because Zombies don’t die the same way that humans do. Everything they throw at them is ineffective, or worse, makes the Zombies more deadly by setting them on fire or something. The solution they eventually come up with (I won’t spoil) is so genius you’ll be hoping that our military leaders have read World War Z when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, because then we’ll be okay.

The new world envisioned by Brooks is believable and uplifting and chilling and many other things in equal measure. The idea that hordes of zombies would continue to exist at the bottom of the ocean, wandering aimlessly, is a particularly horrible one that makes me think twice about dipping my toes in open water.

I still want to own a physical copy of this, as it’s one I’d like to dip back into now and again. The ‘oral history’ telling means there’s lots of re-read value, and I’d love to actually read, rather than just listen to it.

Maybe if I get a bit of Christmas money I’ll treat myself!

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