X is for Sexy Scenes


‘SeXy Scenes’

X is a really hard letter to think of anything for, and, being me, the first thing that came to mind was ‘X-rated’. I’ve talked before about my fondness for a bit of soft porn reading. They’re easy going, escapist, and who doesn’t like to swoon over a dreamy, chiselled millionaire every once in a while?

The thing is, though, sex is is notoriously hard to write, and I must admit, I do get a bit more of a giggle on than find sexy scenes a turn on most of the time. Words for genitalia are just not raunchy at all. The worst I’ve read for a while was the phrase ‘quivering doo-dah‘ to describe a vagina, but the usual suspects are just as bad: shaft? his length? Just call it a knob and be done with it.

When it’s done right, reading sexy scenes can be good fun. For me, it has to be in the context of a good love story – I don’t like books that are basically all sex. I have to be engaged with the characters and their troubles first. It doesn’t even have to be original – I’m a sucker for all the tropes: marriage of convenience, fake girlfriends, rivals turned lovers, all that stuff. Only the barest whiff of originality is required to make a romance novel enjoyable.

And it’s nearly December, which means it’s time for mine and Charlie’s annual tradition of downloading a free Christmas romance. The first year we did this it was sexy firefighters, last year it was sexy Christmas averse billionaire – I’ll be looking for something festive (and free!) for Christmas this year – suggestions absolutely welcome!


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