ISWG #2 – Progress Made


I talked last time about my reasons for joining the group – which has a lot to do with motivating myself. Not to write, I do that all the time, but to complete a project and make forward progress on putting it out there in the world. I set myself the challenge of finishing 90,000 words before the end of October.

I’m now more than halfway through the project, and more than halfway through the word count. At time of writing, I’m on 49,131 words. That’s 40,869 in just over four weeks. Totally doable. Especially as at time of writing, I haven’t done any words today.

I had a bad few days this week – a training course almost two hours from my home meant I was wiped when I eventually got home from work. I wrote well one of the three days, but didn’t even make 500 words on the other two. Combined with a couple of lazy days over the weekend while the Fiance and I had some time off together, that’s put my daily word count back up over 1,400. At best, I had it down to just shy of 1,300, which is only 100 less words a day, but I find even 100 words really makes a difference.

I’m off work now for two weeks, which I would like to think would give me more time for writing, but I always struggle when I’m on leave. It’s not that I don’t have the time – I do – I just find it harder to focus when there isn’t any sort of routine. Plus, when the Fiance is off with me, we tend to spend our time together, and there’s nothing that drives him more mad than the sound of my keys tapping! (In the new year, I will be getting an office with a door that actually closes, thus solving this problem) Still, I have a word count and a target, and you guys to be accountable to. Plus, I really REALLY want to get finished with this story. Partly so I can start making it the best it can be with edits, rather than the trailing mess it is currently, but also so I can move on to some new characters and new adventures.

One month to go. I really hope I can keep things up as well as I have been doing. See you at the finish line 🙂


5 thoughts on “ISWG #2 – Progress Made

  1. Writerly Dee says:

    Routine is something I’m really working on as well–my days are so scattered that I squeeze in writing when I have some down time, but it’s never the best quality. But free time? I write even less! And then NaNoWriMo looms in the distance and my Muse wants to play in the shiny, new novel waiting to be written… hope your writing is going smoothly!


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