A Bloggy Hiatus

I’m finding myself under motivated to blog at the moment.

I think I need a rethink. For a while, I was doing so many reviews, and so much reading that posting something every day was the only thing that made sense. It was the only way that I could get through everything that I wanted to in terms of review commitments, and wanting to post other content.

But while we’ve been doing out the spare room, I’ve not been reviewing. I have so many books, they take up so much space in my house. I need to read them and get rid of them, not keep acquiring more. Especially when the amount of space I have in the house is so dramatically reduced. And it doesn’t look like that situation is going to change any time soon.

I’ve also got my writing to think about. I’ve set myself the ambitious target of 90,000 words in about 10 weeks. It’s doable (current daily word count target is 1441, and I’m trying to chip away at that a little every day by writing closer to 2000 words if I can) but it doesn’t leave much time or energy for blogging.

Basically, I need a bit of an overhaul, but it probably won’t happen for a couple of weeks. I still have a few review books – particularly on my kindle – and I don’t intend to stop reading and reviewing, plus I have a few series posts that I’d like to finish off, but expect activity on here to be a bit spotty again while I have a think about it, and maybe in a month or so I’ll come back with something completely new!

Thanks for bearing with me regular readers and commenters. You know who you are and I appreciate each and every one of you!


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