New Challenge Parameters

As I’ve already said in one of my recent posts, the ‘Make £50 on eBay’ could likely be done already this weekend. If the wetsuit I have listed sells, along with a couple of other lots, I’ll have made that money (minus charges) and apart from a busy day of listing last week, I won’t have worked that hard for it. I certainly haven’t had to paint a million Warhammer models.

I still need to paint my Warhammer so I can have the pleasure of painting it then selling it on, but the urgency is somewhat gone.

I was talking about doubling my eBay challenge to £100, but honestly, the motivation isn’t there. I wanted to get a FitBit for the Fiance’s birthday. With this £50 that will be done. There’s no goal to the eBaying now, other than the rather nebulous ‘save some money for treats’ that doesn’t carry any urgency.

So, I’ve decided to change the goal up a bit. I said in mid-August that I wanted to have my current work in progress done by September. It was my plan to do 30,000 words a month, and have the whole series finished (in first draft form) for December. But that would preclude proper participation in NaNoWriMo, and to be frank, I just want it finished now.

With that in mind, my new goal is to complete the whole series by the end of October, which is 90,000 words (ish) in about 11 weeks. At my current state of progress, it comes in at just over 1400 words a day.

My dream is to write intensively for the next three months, completing NaNo using a brand new project, then spending December and January editing the reams of stuff I’ll have. It’s going to be hard to sustain that level of activity, but it’s getting colder, the days will be getting darker soon, and I’ll need some project to keep me company on the long nights while the Fiance is on the late shift.

Wish me luck!


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