5 Series I’m Hoping To Catch Up On

So we’ve recently gained access to Netflix via an account and it’s been both a blessing and a curse. Great because I’ve finally caught up on Seasons 3 and 4 of Once Upon a Time. Bad because it was too easy to do that in one weekend!

Now I’ve learned to regulate a little better, I’m looking forwards to catching up on these great sounding shows:

1. Grimm

We’ve actually started watching this one. In the vein of most TV shows, the first couple of episodes were ropey, but I’m really getting in to it now. It’s cheesy as anything, but the characters (with the exception of Nick, who is mostly boring and not good looking enough to excuse this) are hilarious, particularly the police sergeant. With three seasons available to watch, this will keep us going for a while.

2. Breaking Bad

Yes, I’ve never watched this. Yes I know that’s a crime. But now we can watch the whole lot and enjoy it without adverts. I think the Fiancé will really love this. He liked the Sopranos, so I think this will appeal.

3. House Season 7

We’ve watched all the other seasons to death, but haven’t seen the last one. I’ve heard good things, and I love Hugh Laurie, so this will definitely be one high on the list.

4. The Vampire Diaries

I’ve seen about four seasons of this. It was a guilty pleasure. A girl I used to work with used to tell me when it was coming on, but then I stopped working with her and have since fallen behind. I might just watch it all from the beginning anyway, because, you know, Ian Somerhalder.

5. Orange is the new Black

Again, I’ve heard good things. And I feel there should be one Netflix original on the list.

What else is good? Any other can’t miss TV shows lurking in the Netflix archives? Let me know!

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