September Challenge

At the end of August it was the Fiancé’s birthday. Because it happened to fall on the day after we did all the house moving – the day I went back to work – it got rather overlooked. He wanted a FitBit, but we really couldn’t afford it – and he doesn’t just want the basic model either, he wants a Surge. One of those will set us back £150.

So, I’ve already done all my eBay saving for my girly trip. Now any proceeds I make will go towards the Surge, and I’d love to be able to get it for him before Christmas, so it doesn’t become just another Christmas present. I think if I can raise £100, I can justify spending the remaining £50. Which means I need to get listing some stuff on eBay that’s going to go for more than just a couple of quid.

It’s time to get back on the Warhammer painting!

September Challenge then, is to get a much Warhammer painted as possible, and try to list at least £50 worth of stuff. With 20 free listings a month (as I discovered this month, much to my annoyance, you get charged for any over 20) that means I need to be listing things for at least £3. The Warhammer sells pretty consistently, whereas the clothes are more hit and miss, so I need to get going on painting the Warhammer if I’m going to stand a chance of selling £50 worth.


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