Weekly Round Up #57

Weekly Round Up #57 (24/08-30/08)

Monday was my first day off for the big move. It was spent mostly carrying boxes, helping Mum clean up as the rooms emptied, and then increasingly sitting down, hoping the ache in my legs would pass! The Boys were in charge of loading the removal van, and they did an excellent job, squeezing in almost all of the furniture and belongings, though some things had to be left behind. Including the chicken coop. It’s not a problem, because the house sale hasn’t actually gone through yet, so it doesn’t have to be empty for a couple of weeks at least.

Monday night we had a massive takeaway, and all went to bed very tired. Particularly the Fiancé, who had been on a nightshift the night before, and was therefore a little on another planet.

Tuesday morning the van left bright and early, leaving me to follow with Mum, the little brother and sister and a box of three hens. We were slightly worried for the chickens, it being a four hour journey (spoiler: they’re fine) and the kids had to sit next to each other due to how the car was packed, which meant they were a little too close for comfort and ended up getting a lot on each other’s nerves. But apart from an incident on the motorway where my brother unplugged his car seat, leaving me to have to unplug myself, turn round and plug him back in while Mum slowed down as much as she could without holding up traffic, the journey was relatively smooth. The big chicken squawk as we turned the engine off was like a triumphant cheer.

The weather didn’t do us any favours. It poured with rain the entire day, meaning we had to work hard to prevent the brand new carpets getting filthy as boxes and furniture were brought inside. The kids, without toys, internet for their Hudls and attention from their parents, were a bit of a pain, getting under our feet from time to time, but all things considered, they were really well behaved. So much upheaval and confusion, and they managed to stay out of our way and not kill each other most of the time. They were so excited about everything and just wanted to unpack all the boxes. We mostly managed to talk them out of it.

The chickens settled in the garden shed and the boxes all brought in, we had another massive takeaway, inhaling the food as if we hadn’t eaten properly for days. Then the Fiancé and I went off in the van to the spa hotel we’d been booked. We must have looked a state coming in half asleep and filthy, rocking up to the car park in a lorry, but the cheerful receptionist wasn’t phased and soon we were in our really nice room, enjoying hot baths and taking the weight off. A glass of red wine and an Archers and Lemonade later, and we were out for the count.

The next day, we enjoyed use of the Spa facilities, but headed off pretty early, wanting to get home. The drive was long the day before, but it was longer in a lorry. Fortunately, I had my iPad and managed to get caught up on some reading. Still shattered, we had a lazy afternoon and another early night.

I made the mistake of doing a BodyFit session at the gym on Thursday. I’d booked it a while ago, and probably should have cancelled. I was aching, particularly in my wrist, which I damaged falling over a week or so ago. Lifting all those boxes hasn’t done it any favours and it still hurts as I’m writing, a few days after the BodyFit session. I was so glad that I only had to work Thursday and Friday, and that I could enjoy a Bank Holiday weekend!

Saturday morning I went out for my first post-move run with the local running club. I haven’t been for ages because Mum hasn’t been going due to being too busy. It was always more of a social thing for me, having the chance to spend some time with her, so it wasn’t without sadness that I pulled on my trainers that morning. But it was great to get out, and I surprised myself with my stamina – managed five miles, despite not having run for weeks. Okay, a lot of it was walking after the three mile point, but it was tough, cross country terrain, quite hilly in places, so it was a definite work out and stretch of the old running legs. I’m hoping to go every Saturday I can.

Now I’m caught up on the housework I’d been neglecting and starting to settle back into a routine, I think the fact that my family has all moved away is going to hit me. Charlie’s still around and Ivy still lives down the road, but the little ones, my parents, Taylor, all have gone miles and miles away. It’s going to be a different sort of lifestyle, but hopefully still a really good one.


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