August Challenge Review

August’s challenge was to survive which, honestly, has been easier said than done. It’s been almost a week since Mum moved, and I’m still recovering. Case and point, this was supposed to post yesterday, but I didn’t have the brain power to sit down and type. Really, all I’ve had the brain power to do of late is watch episodes of Once Upon A Time, but I’m now up to date on that, so no excuse!

Things are starting to get back to normal now, though. I’m almost on top of the housework I’ve been neglecting, and though my study is full of stuff to eBay, generated by the move, I’ve managed to sit down in here a few times and bash some words out.

So, my challenge was surviving, but also to be in a good position for September. I have one more day to do that, and I think it’s achievable. I’ve written 4500 words on my current WIP, which means I’ve got a decent chunk under my belt before getting back into a proper writing routine for September. Even with all the days I’ve missed writing my daily word count, it’s still only 804 words a day to hit my goal, which is more than manageable. Hopefully today once the Fiancé has gone to work, I’ll be able to do a couple of thousand words and get that daily total back down somewhere around the 650 word mark.

And I even almost managed to keep up with the blogging and reading. A few missed posts, but I have read some of my Netgalley backlog, which is good, and I’ve been really enjoying having the 5 Things guest posts (Loads of slots open now, if you want to join in – just send me a message on Twitter, or comment on this post!) Hopefully now things have all calmed down a bit, I’ll get back to my usual schedule and start racing through my reading list once again.

So here’s to September. It’s going to be an interesting adjustment not having Mum just around the corner, but it’s the beginning of a new chapter, and I hope to make the most of it.


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