Weekly Round Up #56

Weekly Round Up #56 (17/08-23/08)

I am so tired. Seriously so tired. I should have written this last Sunday night while it was all fresh in my head, but instead I’m writing it now, nearly 9pm on the day it’s supposed to post, and I can’t remember anything about the week before, except FordFest, which I’ve already written about.

It has been an exhausting few days with the move – but more on that next week. Just know that my arms are aching, my legs barely support my own weight, and I went to bed at about half past eight last night and could go to bed again now.

Not exactly an excuse for being poorly organised about writing this, but definitely a legitimate excuse as to why I can’t remember what the hell I did last week.

Bear with me, people, my brain should start operating again sometime soon. Thank God for Bank Holiday weekends!


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