Top Five Life Changing Events by Feather Stone

This week Feather Stone is sharing her 5 things with us. She is the author of The Guardian’s Wildchild (which you can get at Amazon and Simon and Schuster) and blogs at Romance Under Fire and is talking to us today about her top five life changing events. Check out her website here for more info on Feather and her books.

Top Five Life Changing Events

Do you stay within what’s proven manageable, make sure there’s a safety net around you at all times? No wonder you might feel bored, like you’re standing on the sidelines of a rich and rewarding life. Are you aware your body, mind and soul are screaming for more? There are ways to enrich your life without ending up in the morgue. Here are few suggestions which propelled me to realize how vibrant and fulfilling life can be.

The risk? You may discover what you thought was true about yourself is flawed. And, you may not be able to go back to the tame existence you had accepted as enough.

  1. Pushing Your Idea of Fun to the Edge: Rafting Down the Shotover River in New Zealand: I kid you not. This experience was absolutely thrilling. Sometimes I was terrified. Other times I couldn’t stop laughing. It was like the kid in me had been released. Never before did I feel so alive. A switch in my psyche flipped. No more would I settle for a quiet afternoon fishing in a row boat. Later, my husband and I bought a canoe and travelled on the many rivers in Alberta.


  1. Spiritual: Wailing Wall, Israel, Silent Meditation Retreat or Shamanic Exercises

When I had the opportunity to stand in front of the Wailing Wall in Israel, I’ll admit I was hesitant. I’m not religious and thought it would be a waste of my time. Looking at the experience from a historical point of view, I followed my guide. After receiving instructions on proper decorum, I set foot solo toward the women’s section. For a while I sat in a chair just watching and listening. My heart rate escalated in noting that I was surrounded by strangers and armed guards. In a short while, my trepidation eased. The massive wall only a few feet in front of me seemed to invite me to come forward. As I approached a vacant section, I felt showered by a calm energy. For a while, there was only the wall and me and a sense of being adored. Thinking of it now brings tears to my eyes. I can only say that I know there is something more than what we physically see and experience. We are more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

I’ve had similar experiences while meditating and following my Shaman’s instructions. Once you have the courage to begin treading this inner path, your life will evolve in ways you cannot begin to envision. It’s a journey of joy and peace. Untitled

  1. Physical: Volunteer with Habitat For Humanity

Year 2007 rose from hell’s gates. My brother committed suicide, my husband’s parents died, and my two Shetland Sheepdogs suddenly developed cancer and died. I wanted to crawl into a hole and never see the light of day again. When a friend mentioned she was leading a Habitat For Humanity group to build homes in El Salvador. I signed up. I explained to her I wasn’t coming along for any noble cause to help the less fortunate. My motive was purely selfish – to dig my way out of a sense of hopelessness. It worked. The physical labour on the mountain side in scorching heat nearly killed me. As I began to be touched by the beautiful people in El Salvador, my heart came back to life. I saw that they had nothing. No home, no medical care, no transportation. Nothing but each other. They smiled, danced and laughed. I’ll never let misfortune try to destroy me again. 3

  1. Rear-View Perspective: Genealogy, Ancient History

Without knowing about the struggles and victories of your ancient family, it’s like driving without a rear-view mirror. I had thought my ancestors were simple people entrenched in poverty and illiteracy. Not so. Famine, disease, war, cruel governments proved they were made of tough fabric. Some failed. Driven by desperation, some fell victim to alcoholism or shipped off to suffer as a slave in a strange land.

Having learned of their sacrifices, that they were honorable people facing overwhelming odds, I feel a greater responsibility to carry their name with dignity and reverence. The footprint I leave matters a great deal. I may be judged by my family’s descendants. And five hundred years from now someone may gain strength from my example.


  1. Do something physically outrageous.

Keep it legal and honorable. And don’t suddenly decide you can fly off tall buildings. But get outside your comfort zone.

My dear husband, bless his stubborn heart, decided we should buy a snowmobile. Oh God, are you crazy? Yes, we live six months of the year buried in snow. However, I didn’t want to be labelled ‘one of those biker types.’ We joined a local snowmobile club and learned basic riding techniques. Years later we were racing and riding mountain peaks. I used to hate winter. Then it became a freakin blast!

Aside from the incredible adventures we had riding in Canada and USA, I learned a vital lesson. Life is meant to be lived with gusto. Mucho muy mega gusto. The exhilaration blasts worry and fears to smithereens. Free of useless negative emotions, one can triumph over challenges more easily. Find an activity that makes your heart pound with excitement. At any age, push beyond your perceived limitations. Yes, initially you may get bumps and bruises. Develop your endurance and fitness at a reasonable pace. Then, baby, fly!


Thanks again to Feather! Be sure to visit her website here. Want to do your own ‘5 Things’ guest post? Message me on twitter @libertyfallsdwn or email me at!


13 thoughts on “Top Five Life Changing Events by Feather Stone

  1. Phoenix Rainez says:

    Well I haven’t done ant wild and daring things like you have, but if I was to think of five life changing things I would have to say
    Having 2 daughters.
    Their weddings.
    Watching the birth of my first grandchild.
    Leaving the country of my birth where I was raised, married and had my children and moving overseas with just a suitcase of clothes.
    And I think the 5th would have to be publishing my first novel.


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