Weekly Round Up #55

Weekly Round Up #55 (10/08-16/08)

As previously mentioned, things have been picking up in the great Gilmore family move-athon.

Taylor has gone to London, and by the time this posts will have completed her first week at work. Exciting times for her, and I hope she has a really good first week, daunting and scary though it will be at times.

This weekend, the Boyfriend and the Stepdad were busy loading a large van full of the first wave of stuff to be taken to the new house. I stayed at home and prepared a three course meal for the evening – a sort of ‘goodbye’ but also a respite from the packing and a way to take some of the stress off Mum’s shoulders. I hope. I made cream of mushroom soup, the Boyfriend made sausage and mash for main. The pudding was a bit of a disaster. The Boyfriend made ginger cake, but it sunk and then failed to come out of the tin in one piece, so we took that round on Friday with some ginger biscuits for a bit of a celebration with Charlie, who got accepted into Oxford this week. I then had to make a second pudding, but realised part way through making that my cake tins were too massive. Therefore instead of being a two layered sandwich cake, it was a single layered cake with rather too much topping poured over it. It looked like a dog’s dinner, but it tasted alright!

Also this week, a friend of mine who trained to be a teacher with me got married to her partner. It was a beautiful occasion – really nice ceremony, beautiful location, gorgeous couple and brilliant speeches. A perfect wedding all round that was a real privilege to be invited to. I’d like to say it’s given me some ideas about my own, but I think my brain is rather too frazzled by everything else that’s going on to even start thinking about it!


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