Weekly Round Up #54

Weekly Round Up #54 (03/08 – 09/08)

I’ve been so busy writing for this week, I’ve done very little else. But that’s okay, it’s been a brilliant achievement for me, and I’m excited to be getting on with the next stage of the project.

I did spend Saturday with Carole Heidi buying some of my first wedding stuff. I got a scrapbook and some things to decorate it. I’ve not made a start on it yet – the blank page is a little intimidating – but the plan is to document the process of planning the wedding and our relationship over time. It was a beautiful day, and we got to go and sit by the river enjoying the sunshine, and watch people putting together the tents for the flower show next weekend.

I’ve also been having a play with a camera I’ve borrowed, trying to learn how to take better photos for the scrapbook. I’ve always been envious of people who can take beautiful pictures, and though I don’t think I’ll ever be even close to a professional photographer’s standard, if I can take some nicer photos, I’ll be really pleased.

Next week is going to be a lot about sleeping off the brain strain, I think! But if anyone has any suggestions for good how-to websites (photography and scrapbooking) I’d be very grateful for links 🙂


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