Weekly Round Up #52

Weekly Round Up #52 (20/07-26/07)

With the Boyfriend on lates and nights during the week, it’s been another ‘all about the weekend’ sort of week. I was moved to a new department at work, which has meant learning some new things, and dusting off my Excel skills. I’m excited to get stuck in, but mostly so far it’s been picking up new things a little piece at a time and it’s a bit frustrating. Soon I’ll be away, but for now it’s the grind of getting good enough at stuff to actually be able to do it.

The weekend started with a trip to a local pancake place with my Goddaughter, Tori. It was her birthday the other day, and rather than buy her something when she’s lucky enough to already have almost anything a six year old could wish for, I decided a grown up girly date would be a good alternative. She chose the pancake with ‘assorted candy’ and was bouncing off the walls when I returned her to her mother. I’m pretty sure that’s the reverse of what Godparents are supposed to do, but it was lovely to spend some more grown up time with her, and I think she had fun!

Then the Boyfriend and I went for a walk up a hill. The weather was glorious and the climb challenging without being exhausting, which meant we had plenty of energy later to cycle to a local beer festival, where Ivy was performing as Blondie in a Blondie tribute act. The sound technician cocked up a bit – the volume was so loud it was almost intolerable, and it meant there was some awful distort on Ivy’s microphone. But when she wasn’t belting out the loud notes, she sounded great. And she would have sounded great on the loud notes, if it weren’t for the distort.

We cycled home and shared a brandy with friends before falling into bed, fairly exhausted.

Then Sunday we returned to the Spa for our second visit. We enjoyed relaxing (Boyfriend refused to even take his gym stuff) and ate some really nice food and generally relaxed off the alcohol from the day before. And knowing we didn’t have to get up for work on Monday made it even better.

Oh, and the Boyfriend gets an upgrade from now on, too. He asked me to marry him, so now he’s the Fiancé. I’m very happy and can’t wait to get stuck into wedding planning. I might even do a blog post or two 🙂


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