July Challenge Review

Getting your eating straight is really REALLY difficult when you have a wedding and other celebrations thrown in between. I was doing so well until the wedding, after which I had to spend a whole week weaning myself back off food. Then, just as I got it back, there were a load more things to celebrate!

Certainly though, I’ve been doing better at cooking healthy stuff. And I’ve got into a routine at work were I don’t need to snack between meals – my biggest downfall. I still have a habit of going for the tuck shop when I get tired, seeking out the sugar boost to get me through the afternoon. But I’ve been given a new project that’s requiring all my attention and energy, and that’s making the hours fly by without me even noticing that I’m feeling peckish. I’m hoping to capitalise on this over the next couple of weeks in order to really get into a good routine.

Having our new Blend Active personal blender helps. I’ve been eating a lot more fruit (usually where I fall down) and the sweet deliciousness of the smoothies is doing a lot to replace craving for bad sugars.

I’ve been doing a bit better on the exercise front too. I have a plan to put my gym kit in the car and go straight from work to do half an hour every day. I plan to mix it up with some cardio, some weight stuff, and I went swimming for the first time in ages the other day, so I’m hoping to get back into that too. Plus, I have some real incentive to get into the best shape now. More on that in a later post.

I am going to keep plugging away at this one. I feel like I’ve achieved some improvements, but it’s an ongoing project. Much like using up my notebooks (1 finished this month!).


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