5 Reasons I Love College Romance by Jennifer Lane

This week Jennifer Lane is sharing her 5 things with us. She is the author of the Conduct Series and Blocked and is talking to us today about why she loves College romance so much! Check out her website here for more info on Jennifer and her books.

5 Reasons I Love College Romance by Jennifer Lane

Blocked Streamline

Hey, everyone. I’m Jennifer Lane, psychologist/author (psycho author). I do therapy on the weekdays and write on the weekends, and I can’t decide which is more fun.

One thing’s for sure: I love the university experience. Whether it’s seeing college students for therapy or writing characters in a college setting, it’s all a blast. And I gravitate toward romance because I find the pursuit of love a perfect way to pack an emotional punch.

Why do I enjoy the New Adult / University genre so much?

1. Growth and Change. We develop throughout our lives, but the ages of 18-23 seem to be growth on steroids. For the first time we leave home, begin to form our own values (“I’m now a feminist vegan!”… “Will I drag my butt to church if Mom’s not making me?”… “No way I’m voting for the same candidate as my parents”), increase intellectual complexity (life isn’t so black and white anymore), and maybe fall in love. All this change is terribly exciting.

2. Dorm Living. Want an endless supply of childish idiocy, annoyance, friendship, nakedness, and heartbreak? Throw characters into living together in close quarters with thin walls, and voila!

3. College Parties. Some students have already formed a relationship with alcohol and other drugs by the time they attend a university, but for others college is the introduction to substance use. Diving into the world of mood altering chemicals is a great vehicle for humor and character development. Will Kristen confess her true feelings for Alex after consuming tequila truth serum? Who drew marker on Eddie’s face when he was passed out? Damn it, Mike ate all my Doritos when he had the weed munchies last night!

4. Sports and Other Hobbies. In America, top athletes can earn athletic scholarships to universities. I swam and played volleyball at a small college, meaning I lived a chaotic, rich schedule filled with two practices a day and travel to competitions on top of my course load. My teammates and coaches became friends for life. My outstanding student-athlete experience led me to write a college swimming novel (Streamline) and a college volleyball series starting with Blocked. Some students get absorbed in theater, music, or a variety of clubs on campus.

5. Romance. Whether it’s meeting a future spouse or surviving a one-night-stand, college presents wonderful opportunities to get it on. There’s drama, but hopefully we handle ourselves more maturely than in secondary school. Boo for beer goggles and jerks who break our hearts. Hooray for the cutie in chemistry class!

Thanks again to Jennifer! Be sure to visit her website here. Want to do your own ‘5 Things’ guest post? Message me on twitter @libertyfallsdwn or email me at libertfallsdown@hotmail.co.uk!

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