Weekly Round Up #51

Weekly Round Up #51 (13/07-19/07)

It’s been a slow start to the week. After the excitement and emotion of the wedding, it was a little difficult to get back to normal life. I’ve been trying to keep motivated with the exercise to make up for the fact that I can’t seem to concentrate on reading, though after the excesses of the weekend, it was a little harder to get back into the eating well!

Taylor graduated this week, and while I only saw the pictures on Facebook, rather than playing any real part in the day, we celebrated together on Friday with some drinks and some burgers. Well, Mum and I got drunk, everyone else had a very sedate couple of cans. I drained a bottle of cider (having come to the party straight from a gym session) and went rather downhill from there! It was good fun though, and an even better release of stress that lots of us had been feeling. Except the poor Boyfriend, who’s on antibiotics and therefore couldn’t drink at all.

The next day Mum was ‘pleasantly hung over’ and I was knackered. I’m not used to staying up to two in the morning anymore. Nevertheless, I decided to tackle our rather overgrown Buddleia in the front garden, on Mum’s advice trimming it back to a third of its size. Most of it could be done with secateurs, but the rest required a branch lopper, which was more designed for cutting branches out of trees than bushes and as such was a little unwieldy, but I got it done with only minor injuries and the front garden is looking loads better.

So, after a slow start, it was a productive and enjoyable weekend. I’m hoping that means I’ve got a bit of my mojo back and will be able to hit the ground running next week – starting with some of the review books I’ve been neglecting.


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