Exercise Tunes

I’ve talked in a couple of posts recently about feeling a bit down in the dumps. I’m mostly over it now. My sister and I regularly do what we call ‘catching depression’ – where we feel a bit down, but like treating a cold with rest, fluids and vitamin C, we do everything we can to self-treat our depressive tendencies to prevent it becoming full blown depression. We come from fairly depressive stock, and have a good supply of techniques at hand to help alleviate our symptoms and get rid of the gathering black clouds. Techniques developed, tried and tested over many years.

It’s not rocket science – we hit the exercise, eat better, try to sleep better. Spend time with each other and make lists of things to do to trick our brains out of the unmotivated funk that comes with catching depression. It doesn’t always work, but as a means of regulating mood and giving ourselves a boost, it usually does the trick pretty well.

So I’ve been to the gym or done something physical every day for almost two weeks. It’s done a lot to help me stop feeling rubbish, but my exercise playlist on my phone is starting to feel a bit old and tired.

My music taste is eclectic most of the time. I tend to favour indie rock music, usually leaning towards the slower, sadder stuff. But like a lot of people, when I’m exercising, I suddenly turn into a fan of dance music.

I use Spotify to listen to music at home, but don’t have the internet or the correct subscription to get the tunes on my phone when I’m at the gym or out and about running. I have a playlist of tunes for this, but it’s been the same for about the last five years. I love all the songs on it, but they need a good refresh.

I’ve been sent a few recommendations already, and have padded out the playlist a bit with some Avicii and bonus tracks from Ellie Goulding’s second album, but what are your favourite songs to exercise to? Any gems I need to know about? Grateful for any suggestions you might have – I always love discovering new music!


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