5 Games I Can’t Wait to Play

Taylor and I have done well in the Bargain Games Club lately. We finished Lego Lord of the Rings, and I finished Lego Marvel at around the same time. She’s done Drake 3, and is moving on to finishing Overlord 2. Soon, we’re going to have a load of stuff to sell, ready to buy some new second hand, bargain games. Here are some that I can’t wait to come to the Bargain Games Club:

Batman_Arkham_City_Game_Cover1. Arkham City

Because of a playstation console set deal, we have Arkham Asylum and Arkham Origins, but not Arkham City. I loved Asylum, and look forwards to playing Origins. But I’m a stickler for doing things in order, so I need to play City first.

I’m sure it will be another great puzzler with a bit of fighting thrown in on the side. I’m not the biggest Batman fan, but the villains are so great, and I actually quite like the (relative) realism of the action. It’s inventive without being utterly off the wall. (Well, those Scarecrow sequences were a bit weird, but that’s Scarecrow, so it’s allowed.) And with it already being cheap as chips, I’m sure it will be top of the list next time we sit down to do an Amazon order.

tomb raider2. Tomb Raider (2013)

I love a bit of Lara, even though the games often scare the crap out of me. Mind you, Skyrim scared the crap out of me the other day, so it’s not exactly a difficult task.

I love climbing things and finding treasures, and limited amounts of combat. That’s why games like Tomb Raider and Unchartered always feature high on my wish lists. And in the absence of Unchartered 4, Tomb Raider is the current object of my climby-jumpy-shooty lust.

Lego-Jurassic-World-game-13. Lego Jurassic World

Because, despite the questionable quality of some of the Jurassic Park films – who wouldn’t want Lego dinosaurs? And Lego mini figure Ian Malcolm? (No, just me on that last one?)

I’m curious as to how they’ll do this. Obviously kids will equal small figures, and there will be smart figures. But people in Jurassic Park don’t exactly have special abilities like those in many of the other Lego games. I’m trying to remember Lego Indiana Jones, as that’s probably the closest equivalent, but I can’t really remember how it worked. Regardless, I love Jurassic Park, so this is going to be a brilliant one for me.

4. Assassin’s Creed Whichever the Next One Is

I rely on Mr T to tell me which Assassin’s Creed game comes next. And given that I’m writing this at a time that’s way too early for it to be considered polite to contact him, I’ll just have to say that the last one I did was Revelations, and whatever one comes after that is the one I’m looking forwards to getting. I’m looking forwards to them all, obviously, but see above point about being a stickler for playing them in order.

Fallout_4_cover_art5. Fallout 

This one will have to wait not only until it actually comes out and gets cheap enough, but until the Bargain Games Club can afford Playstation 4s. Probably about five years. But playing Skyrim has been reminding me how much I love the world of Fallout (glitchiness aside) and I’m really itching for some forties tunes and the sound of Three Dog on the radio as I shoot some mutated insects with a plasma pistol. Expect this epic to come to the Bargain Games Club as soon as humanly possible!

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