Weekly Round Up #50

Weekly Round Up #50 (06/07-12/07)

This has been an emotionally draining week. Good job I wasn’t at work for two days, really!

It was the Boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding this week (hence the days off). We travelled up to the North East – a long old way from where we live. Fortunately the wedding wasn’t until 4pm, so we had plenty of time to take a leisurely drive up, get changed in our hotel, and then make the final leg to the venue. There was no stress – although the Boyfriend seemed to be stressed and grouchy about everything all the same – which meant we arrived feeling relatively refreshed, considering the distance we’d travelled, and ready to celebrate with the bride and groom.

It was a beautiful wedding – very relaxed, very personal, and with a very emotional bride and groom. This of course got me blubbing – it only takes someone else starting to cry, or trying not to cry, to set me off. I’m worse at weddings as well. I’ve been with the Boyfriend for 10 years, and weddings are still the absolute last thing on his mind, which I find very hard to accept and deal with, much as I love him. So seeing someone else getting everything I want makes me feel extra emotional anyway. By the end of the night I was exhausted!

Despite my own personal baggage and issues, it was a lovely night. The venue was absolutely perfect, I got to do a tiny bit of dancing (another thing the Boyfriend doesn’t like doing) and ate way too many strawberry bon bons. Because the whole house was taken up with the wedding, there were plenty of places you could go to get away from the loud music if you wanted, though the live band that were playing were excellent (the groom, a keen drummer, even got up to do a couple of numbers!) so it wasn’t until the DJ came on that I really wanted to get away from it anyway.

I could do without people telling me ‘It will be you next’, though, because it’s so not true. Take note family and friends!!

On Saturday we had a day to ourselves in Hartlepool. We went to the Metro Centre, though we didn’t really do much shopping. Did manage to sell some jewellery though. Planning to do a girly pamper day with my sisters and Mum with the proceeds, as it was her jewellery we were selling. Something to look forwards to in the next couple of weeks. We finished the day with a trip to see Terminator: Genisys. Less offended by that spelling now I know it’s a computer program. We got in free on what was left of the birthday gift card my Godfather gave me, so that was an extra added bonus. And though the film isn’t a patch on the original (how could it ever be) it was thankfully a lot better than the abysmal Terminator Salvation and promises a few more instalments in the franchise to come.

Sunday was spent travelling back home. The Boyfriend had work, which left me with the unpacking and sorting out. Much as it’s nice to get away from the house for a couple of days, it’s nice to be home and typing at my desk. Now if only I could have my new desk… A job for the coming weeks to get back on the spare room project, I think.


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