Reading Slump

I’m struggling with reading a bit at the moment. I just can’t seem to settle down to read for longer than a chapter or so. And I only really pick up a book when I force myself.

I guess after reading an awful lot in the last few months, I’ve hit a sort of reading burnout. It’s not just books either – I’m not motivated to listen to anything either. I don’t want to do anything that uses that part of the brain stimulated by processing words.

It’s not affecting my writing, which I’m pleased about. In fact, I’ve done plenty of blogging catch up and have done a lot of fiction words too, so if anything, my writing is going better than it has been.

But I’m frustrated about the reading. Partly because I still have a ton of review books I’m meant to be catching up on, and also because when I’m not reviewing, I have to write posts like these, because the review that’s meant to be scheduled here can’t be written. As I haven’t read the book.

I’ve been doing a lot of gaming in my spare time (Skyrim – I know I’m epically late to the party, but wow. Loving it!) and that’s about all I can seem to cope with.

I’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps lately, for various reasons that I won’t go in to, and I wonder if that hasn’t contributed in some way. Whenever I get down, my productivity does tend to take a nose dive. I use all my energy concentrating at work, and then I can’t be bothered with anything that’s mentally strenuous when I get home. Not that reading is rocket science, but you know what I mean.

So I’m doing what I usually do when I feel down – eating better, exercising more, and generally trying to force myself back into a regular rhythm. Hopefully it will start taking effect soon, and I’ll suddenly be inspired to read a book in a single sitting. But for now the reading list for July is looking… abysmal. I’ve read one book that isn’t even on it. And that was a graphic novel.

Oh well, you can’t be super productive all the time! Here’s to next month being a little better 🙂


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