Weekly Round Up #49

Weekly Round Up #49 (29/06-05/07)

This week passed in a haze of heat. Temperatures soared to 30 degrees, and the air was thick with humidity. The office was near to unbearable, even with two fans pointed at me, and despite having almost every window open in the house, it was still an oven. Got lots of washing dry, though, so that was a bonus!

The humidity threatened to break by midweek, with the briefest thunderstorm and downpour I’ve ever experienced, but though the temperatures did drop to more bearable levels, it remained sticky for the rest of the week. Which meant it was a pleasant surprise come Sunday, that the morning was fairly cool for the start of the Cheswardine 5 Mile Fun Run.

It’s a race that I have a love hate relationship with. I love supporting local events and charities, and I love participating in races. But I hate the course because every time I’ve done it, I’ve walked away with a horrible injury. The first year I got to the end limping because I’d injured my knee, sending a shooting pain down my leg with every step (to the point where I thought I may as well run, because it’s no more painful than walking!) that made me feel like I was treading on broken glass. The next year, I was on much better form, had solved my knee issues, but three quarters of the way round got the killer cramp from hell that meant I had to limp home again, and couldn’t straighten my leg with agonising pain for about three days afterwards.

This year, they’d reversed the route. Which made it unbelievably harder. It seemed to be uphill THE ENTIRE WAY. On a circular route. The only course that’s beat it for Escher Staircase-ness is the Hampstead Heath Park Run. Still, I was running well, stopping only to drink as the temperature started to climb. I ran with Mum, the Boyfriend joining us for the last 500m or so. We hadn’t trained, hadn’t really run properly since the Market Drayton 10k, but we were on good form and finished it in about an hour. Given that my time for 6 mile was 1hr 9, we weren’t far off that pace. I was very pleased, but mostly pleased that I could stand and walk quite comfortably very soon afterwards.

And that was especially good, because it was also my brother’s fifth birthday, so we went round for a party that involved a lot of guests, a lot of cake, and a lot of Supersoaker (thanks to the person who bought him that… >.<) The sun came out for the afternoon and it was glorious. Perfect end to a wonderful day.


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