The Bargain Games Club: Lego Marvel Superheroes

Lego-Marvel-coverLego Marvel Super Heroes
Price: About £15

Lego continues to deliver hugely fun games based in different worlds, this one the Marvel Universe. Much like the previous Batman games, it doesn’t follow the plot line of any of the available Marvel films. And while this does mean that there is something lost in not exploring familiar set pieces, it does allow for plenty of cross over fun. Having Wolverine next to the Human Torch, next to Iron Man is like the film you wish, but could never practicably happen.

There’s not a massive amount that’s different here – we’re still smashing stuff, building stuff, finding minikits and red bricks, but the levels and the world map are glorious – really fun to explore and beautifully made. The voice acting for the characters is good, and the story is suitably epic.

There’s plenty of humour as well – my favourite being the side mission to get the ‘snakes off the gosh darn hellicarrier’. Lego does comedy so well, and there’s plenty of good material to play with.

I’m a little bemused as to why Mr Fantastic can turn into, among other things, a wrecking ball, a lighthouse and a water pump, but beyond that the depiction of the Marvel characters is excellent, and the range of powers used in lots of different combinations. The balance of getting coins and unlocking stuff is good too, meaning you don’t have to replay missions a hundred times – my absolute bugbear in previous Lego games.

Overall, great fun. If you like Marvel or like Lego games, definitely pick this up!

Next Up: Skyrim (don’t expect that for a while!!)


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