Review: Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd

deep blue eternityTitle: Deep Blue Eternity

Author: Natasha Boyd

Series: N/a

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Received for review from Bookbridgr

Summary (from Goodreads)

Livvy is on the run. And she’s escaped to the one place nobody will ever find her.

But the isolated cottage isn’t empty. Her refuge is home to a troubled stranger, Tom, there for reasons of his own.

In the intimacy of the abandoned cottage, and the remote wilderness of the island, the electrifying connection between them is impossible to ignore. Both running from their histories and shielding dark secrets, their pasts catch up with them and collide in an unimaginable way.

Deep emotions and powerful chemistry face a painful battle with the tangle of lies, and scars of the past. When the truth emerges, hearts will be shattered.


I almost really loved this one. Boyd takes her time with the characters, building up a crescendo of longing and lust between them. The sexual tension is palpable, and the obstacles preventing Liv and Tom from being together are concrete and believable. I found myself willing them to work things out and just kiss already! as I raced through the chapters.

There’s plenty of good going on in the background as well. The way Liv behaves around certain characters as a means of getting what she wants is both horrible and believable. I really felt for her as a character, her suffering and the impact it had on her personality ringing utterly true. It wasn’t hard to work out what had been going on in her past, but watching her make her way painstakingly towards revealing that to Tom was heart wrenching at times. She was an insufferable brat, particularly to Tom, but I totally understood it.

And Tom’s grief because of the secrets he keeps from Liv is believable and heart wrenching too. Again, I totally get why he doesn’t want to tell her – this isn’t one of those annoying stories where you end up yelling just speak to each other for God’s sake! because there’s no real reason why they shouldn’t. Every reaction and interaction between these two characters was utterly on the ball.

Which is why I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more resolution. There’s a pretty horrible reveal towards the end, one that opens up loads of questions. But there’s no hint that Liv is going to make any move towards even asking them, let alone looking for answers. And the stuff about corruption and the lies told to protect the person who hurt Liv and her sister isn’t resolved either. I wanted a little bit more – barely an extra paragraph. Just something to say that Liv and Tom intended to do something about the wrongs committed against them. But the story was much more concerned with the resolution of their relationship over their pasts. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it didn’t do it for me.

So, a really enjoyable love story until the very last chapters. Not everyone will agree on this, I’m sure, but I felt let down by the ending. Otherwise though, this was good, and I’d definitely read Natasha Boyd’s work again.

Rating: 3.5/5


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