Weekly Round Up #48

Weekly Round Up #48 (22/06-28/06)

The weather has somewhat improved lately, meaning much warmer days and evenings, and much time spent enjoying the sunshine.

This week, Taylor finished University for good – collecting her results (2.1!) and finishing the clear out of her house. She’d had a stressful week with worrying about results day, and having a very intensive interview for a new job, so it was the perfect week to take our trip to Alton Towers that got cancelled because of the Smiler crash. I booked Friday off work and we set out for Alton.

It was a perfect day. The weather was a bit muggy, but the threatened showers never really materialised. The park was fairly quiet – the longest we had to queue for anything was about forty minutes, and most things we pretty much walked on. Which meant we managed to do all the big rides, and quite a few of the smaller ones. Persuading Mr T to go on Oblivion marked the end of the day (he was so terrified he reckons he blacked out on the ride) and then we headed home, thoroughly exhausted, for chips and curry then bed.

Saturday, the Boyfriend and I went to Shrewsbury to go shopping. I needed some gold Warhammer paint, as mine had dried up beyond salvage. The Boyfriend needed some jeans. I’d also still not used my Cineworld voucher to see Jurassic World, so we planned on doing that too.

It went really well to start with. I got my gold paint, the Boyfriend found some jeans. We stopped for lunch at the Marks and Spencer’s cafe, and had a lovely afternoon tea for two. Then we decided to get a fish pedicure before catching our viewing of Jurassic World.

They were a little late getting us started, which meant we were going to be pushed for time to get to our showing. That worry quickly went away as we relaxed and let the fish nibble on our callous. Both being runners, we have very unattractive feet, though they make a wonderful meal for pedicure fish. I did have one in my tank that I named Jaws – on account of him being four times the size of all the other fish in both tanks. When he went for a nibble it was almost painful.

We paid and left, feet feeling incredible, then had to run to the car. After a catalogue of errors – including me losing the car in the car park, then getting locked in the car park because our ticket didn’t work, being assisted with this by the worlds slowest car park attendant – we were running horribly late for our showing. I hate being late for anything, nothing stresses me out more. The Boyfriend did some impressive driving to get us to the cinema in record time (without breaking any speed limits!) and I dashed out of the car while he parked to get our tickets.

Just in time for the film trailers, we settled in to our seats and prepared to enjoy the movie. It was excellent – just the right amount of humour, homage and thrills.

Sunday was my little brother’s birthday, and a local fun run. This run and I have a difficult history. The first time I ran it, I’d recently hurt my knee. I was find for the first half, but spent much of the second feeling like I was running on broken glass. The second time, I was doing really well until about three quarters of the way round, at which point I got the worst cramp I’ve ever experienced before or since, and had to limp home. I couldn’t straighten my leg for about three days. This year, I made it all the way round in good time, didn’t hurt myself, and was energetic enough to enjoy Dylan’s party afterwards. Okay, that mostly involved lounging in the sun but still – progress has been made! A thoroughly enjoyable, if exhausting, extended weekend.


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