July Challenge

My June challenge was to raise a little money on eBay. I’ve decided that money is going to be spent on a girly weekend in London. Which will inevitably involve shopping.

I’m in a bit of a bad place with my wardrobe at the moment. I have some really lovely clothes, but a lot of things I have don’t quite fit. I’m not fat, but I’m definitely fatter than I should be. I’ve been doing more exercise than ever, but I’ve changed to a much more sedentary job. I also still eat far too much.

My challenge for July then is to reduce my weight and ‘size’. I know a lot of people talk about scales as a false measurement. But it is a measurement. I’m not stupid enough to think that there is a ‘healthy weight’ but you can use scales to see if your weight is going up or down. I think to be at a weight and waist measurement that would allow my clothes to fit better, I need to lose about a stone. I’m not going to lose that in July without starving myself (I’m very bad at doing that, and it’s not good for you anyway) but it’s definitely doable by September, and I’m going on holiday in October, so it will be right on time for that.

So, my July challenge is this: get my eating under control. No more buying a cake at work just because I can. No more indulging in sweets because the Boyfriend wants them. Better portion control, better food and less excess. I’m going to do this six days a week, and have one treat day. Because there are birthdays and things coming up, so it’s not possible to be totally militant about it. You have to live a little.

So, no specific, measured goal. But I do want to feel by the end of the month that I’m in a better place with eating, not being so greedy and therefore losing weight naturally. This is going to be a seriously hard challenge to crack.


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