Cover Lust #68 – Steelheart

Cover Lust #68 – Steelheart by Brandon Sandersonsteelheart

There’s something understatedly epic about this cover. I think it’s the cape. Nothing says epic quite like a cape. But for all the OTT-ness of superheroes on the big screens, there isn’t a hint of that here. It’s a very quiet, gritty cover. The smog, the minimalist depiction of the cityscape, the silhouetted character, it’s not giving much away apart from tone.

And that makes me very excited. I love superheroes, and I get the impression that this is a realistic take on the genre. Not a hint of spandex in sight. This has been on and off my reading list for a while, but I’ve promised the person it belongs to that it’s top of the pile this month. I will probably report back wondering why I left it so stupidly long!

What covers are you lusting after this week?


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