June Challenge Review

Well, I managed it! Largely due to the fact that one of my items, listed for £3, sold for £8.50. Very nice, thank you very much ebayers.

I’m writing this a little ahead of the end of June. Before the month is out I have three more listings that should end. But whether they sell or not, I’ve made the £20, so anything else is a bonus.

As discussed on a previous post, I am planning on spending the money I make on a girly catch up weekend. I’ve currently got nearly £40 in my paypal towards that, so it will be extra lovely to have an excellent time with friends, and have it be guilt free spending. I will be continuing to paint and sell my collection. Currently working on some Gondorian soldiers, and awaiting some fresh gold paint in order to finish off some Elves. If I do as well as I’ve done this month for July and August, I’ll be able to have a fabulous time in London.


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