5 Reasons Maths Is Your Friend by Taylor Gilmore

Guest posting today is my sister Taylor. She blogs at Who Ate All the Pi? about maths and life and stuff. Taylor just finished a Maths degree at Warwick, so she’s going to talk about why Maths is our friend. Don’t worry – it’s very accessible! She’s not the most confident writer, but she was good enough to knock this together for me. We both hope you enjoy!

5 Reasons Maths is your Friend by Taylor Gilmore

1. It is the language of the universe

Maths is the same whether you are in England, or China, or America. Maths turns up in nature – flowers that have a numbers of petals that follow the Fibonacci sequence, bees are attracted to flowers with rotational symmetry, cicadas live underground and come up to the air only after a prime number of years. Maths is the building block of our world.

2. Its applications are endless

From simple things like calculating the total of your shopping, or completing a Sudoku puzzle, to more complicated processes such as assigning student doctors to hospitals based on both parties’ preferences, or creating languages, there is nothing that doesn’t have a mathematical application.

3. You don’t have to understand it to use it

If you want to read a book, you have to be able to read the language it is written in. If you want to use a computer, you don’t have to understand the programming that makes up the software.

4. Maths follows strict rules

We may not know what all of the rules are yet, but once you have the rule, it always holds. This makes it easier to get to grips with, not like the classic “i before e, except after c” we were all taught in spellings. What about “either”, or “weird”?

5. Maths is for everyone

For some reason, it is an accepted thing for people to say they “just don’t get maths”, or “what would I even use this for in the future?” While it is true you may not necessarily need to know how to solve simultaneous equations, people forget that maths is not just about numbers and algebra. It is about shapes, patterns, logic, puzzles, seeing connections between seemingly unrelated things. Even if you didn’t get along with fractions, there is something in the world of maths that you can do, that you are interested in. Maybe you haven’t found it yet, or maybe you just haven’t realised how mathematical the things you do really are.

Thanks again to Taylor! Be sure to visit her blog here. Want to do your own ‘5 Things’ guest post? Message me on twitter @libertyfallsdwn or email me at libertfallsdown@hotmail.co.uk!


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