Weekly Round Up #47

Weekly Round Up #47 (15/06-21/06)

After the busy week last week, it was back to work and back to reality on Monday. And the first thing I did was book next Friday off! We decided that given we didn’t get our trip to Alton Towers, we’d pick another day to go. Friday 26th was the only day we could all do, which meant I had to book another day. Which meant spending a few extra minutes after work every day this week to build back up some flexi time. I love flexi so much.

The weather has been on and off this week – sometimes glorious, sometimes miserable – but it stayed good on Thursday for a barbecue with the family. My mother, despite being vegetarian, occasionally gets a craving for a meaty sausage and the Boyfriend was more than happy to oblige her. He doesn’t get meat so often at home, so he’s always ready to jump on any opportunity. It was a lovely evening, though it did leave me feeling like it was friday, which made getting up the next morning really, really hard!

I was supposed to be in London at the weekend to catch up with friends, but one is busy planning a wedding, and the other just generally busy, so we’ve had to rain check all the way until September. But because we haven’t seen each other for ages, we’re planning something really decadent. I decided to use my ebay money to fund the theatre/spa/cocktails that decadence will probably involve, which gives me just over two months to get selling! It’s certainly motivating me to get through the sets I’ve got. Though I’ve just discovered that I need to buy a paint, which is slowing me up some at the moment, much to my frustration.

Next week, we’re hoping to go see Jurassic World (I’ve heard many good things) and it’s a short week with the Alton Towers trip. Then, not long after that, it’s the Boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding. Good times ahead!


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