Cover Lust #67 – The 3rd Woman

Cover Lust #67 – The 3rd Woman by Jonathan Freedland

the 3rd woman

I love this. It’s simple, but it’s also super creepy. I like the way the writing comes over the figure, obviously newsprint. And you can’t quite read it, which makes me curious – especially with that tagline about murder. It makes me think of cover ups and intrigue, which is definitely whetting my appetite for this book.

Red writing too – red the colour of blood and danger. And that little bit of blur on the word ‘woman’ compounding that sense of mystery and cover up, like someone out there would rather us not be able to see the 3rd woman all that clearly. Lest we notice something they don’t want us to.

So excited about this – I know I say that a lot, and I’ve been let down recently by gorgeous covers that were wrapped around dross content. Hopefully this won’t go that way!

What covers are you lusting after this week?


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