5 Fashion Gripes

I’ve never been massively interested in fashion, but it’s growing on me. I’ve been trying harder to look less like I bought all my clothes at a jumble sale and pick my outfits by blind diving into the wardrobe. But the more I learn about fashion, the more certain things are starting to irk me. The problem is, the more clothes I find that don’t fit, the more I hate my body. I don’t hate my body at all most of the time, but clothes will do it to me.

1. Sleeves that would only fit a toothpick

WHAT IS WITH THIS? I don’t have fat arms. They, like the rest of me, probably have a little extra baggage, but they are a long way even from chunky. I’m not muscular either – I just have regular, normal arms. But I’ve had to leave so many beautiful things on the shelf because I can’t move my arms once I put it on. If I can get it on.

2. That size eleven isn’t a thing

I have always been between sizes. Right now, tens are a bit tight, twelves a bit loose. Eleven would be perfect. So why doesn’t it exist?

3. Side zips

Can anyone do these up? I can’t. I never could. Even when I was really skinny.

4. Clothes with holes in

If you’ve got a flat belly, then I imagine having sections cut out of your clothes could be sexy. But for those of us that aren’t Jessica Ennis, it’s just another space for the flab to squeeze out of. I don’t want that look, thanks, stop cutting holes in otherwise perfectly nice garments!

5. The boob issue

I’ve had to leave a number of nice clothes because they fit perfectly everywhere except my chest. There should be better sizing – women are so many different shapes, it seems daft to try and sum everyone up as a single range of numbers. ‘Fits round the waist, sags on the boobs / Fits on the boobs, ack breathe in and that zip might make it to the top’ is such a common problem for me.


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