Weekly Round Up #46

Weekly Round Up #46 (08/06-14/06)

My holiday that wasn’t a holiday was supposed to start with a trip to Alton Towers, but though it was open on Monday, with half the rides closed we decided it wasn’t worth going and plan to go later in the month.

Instead, we went for a nice walk around our town. The sunshine was glorious, and for the first half of our walk down the canal, we were soaking it up. Then we passed into the shelter of some trees and the temperature plummeted, the cold wind starting to get to us. So I was sun kissed and had arms so cold, I couldn’t move my hands properly. At the same time. Only in England.

It was lovely to get out and about and get some fresh air. We followed it with a trip to Costas, and I then went to a local tearoom for afternoon tea with Carole Heidi.

The Boyfriend was back to work on Tuesday, which meant I had the day free to catch up with a load of stuff. Like clothes washing and other such fabulous things. Wednesday, Taylor and I went to Chester to pick up Mr T’s sister and do a bit of shopping.

Thursday, Taylor and I went to Warwick Castle. We’d picked Thursday because according to the forecasts, it was the best day weather wise. For once, the forecasts were absolutely right. It was glorious, and soon we were shedding layers and slapping on the sun cream. We explored the castle and grounds, enjoyed two bird shows, and an additional private bird show when a mother duck and her two chicks came to join us for lunch.

After the day at the castle, we went back to Taylor’s uni house in Coventry to puck up some stuff. After all the lugging and driving, I was pretty exhausted, which meant Friday was largely spent being entirely lazy. As too was Saturday.

Not quite a week in Portugal in the sun, but I have had a lovely break. Sometimes it’s nice just to get a chance to catch up on the house jobs and all those little things you’ve been meaning to do forever, but never get the chance.


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