The Holiday That Wasn’t

Last week, I was supposed to be going to Portugal to visit my dad. He lives over there and with his busy, jet-setting work schedule, we don’t get to see him so often. Because Taylor was finishing University, and I had some spare holiday days to use up, I suggested that we came over to  spend a few days. It was going to be our birthday treat – a few days in Portugal with our dad.

It was all booked and we were getting our bikinis packed when we got an email to say that the holiday might have to be cancelled. Then a few days later it was.

We were understandably a bit disappointed – especially as it was cancelled just over a week before we went, just close enough for us to be starting to getting properly excited.

I think I knew it wasn’t going to go ahead in some way. I’d put off booking the train tickets down to Gatwick for my sister and I (so glad I did, as I never bother with cancellation insurance – that would have been close to £50 down the drain…) and I hadn’t rearranged a dentist appointment I had on the Friday. I was literally sitting down to do the train tickets when Taylor pointed me in the direction of the email saying it was a possibility that the trip be cancelled.

It was too late to rearrange the leave at work, and with Taylor about to be very busy trying to get a job and a place as she embarks on her post-Uni life, rearranging wasn’t really an option. So our birthday trip has been indefinitely postponed, and it will probably be several months before we get a flying visit from our dad when he next has a spare second in the UK.

All in all, a bit of a bummer.

It was rather too late to change the blog schedule too – I had so many posts lined up blathering on about holidays! But there will be no photos of sun drenched streets, no report on Portugal Day that took place last week – commemorating the death of a national literary icon, no less! – and there have been no natas consumed.

As an alternative plan, I went out and bought three boxes of Crunchy Nut (much to the Boyfriend’s bemusement) to get the bogof tickets to Alton Towers. We were just about getting excited again about this when there was that horrible accident on the Smiler and the park was closed. It just wasn’t our week!


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