5 Benefits of the Kindle

I’m owner of both a Kindle and an iPad these days. I use both for reading, admittedly the iPad more so these days. For two reasons – one, it charges off my phone charger, so I don’t have to faff around finding the separate charger for it. My Kindle is rarely charged at the moment. The second reason is the fact that I do a lot of my eBook reading in bed while the Boyfriend is sleeping off his night shifts. I read them then because I can read them on the iPad without turning on a light and disturbing him.

But there are advantages to the Kindle, and reasons why I keep it around. An old style Kindle, that is, not the Kindle Fire.

1. You can read it in the sun

Because it doesn’t have a touch screen and isn’t backlit, you can read it in the sun. I love sitting in the garden on a lounger and enjoying the feeling of sun on my skin while absorbing a good book. But with devices and computers, you usually can’t see a thing on the screen the moment the sun starts to shine. The Kindle doesn’t have this problem, and I love it for that.

2. No distractions

It’s easy to be lured away from the written word for daft games on the iPad. I like playing daft games, but I also like the distraction free Kindle. Yes, there are games on it, but they are clunky to use, and no where near as alluring as the animated iPad games. When I pick up the Kindle, I only pick it up to read. I don’t get stuck in a loop of checking Facebook and Gmail.

3. It’s a better shape

I love my iPad, but it’s not easy to hold. It’s slightly bigger than the Kindle, and with the touch screen spreading across the entire width of it, it’s difficult to find a comfortable position where you aren’t touching the screen by accident. Especially when you’re lying down. The Kindle sits comfortably in the hand – and though I have on occasion accidentally pressed the page forward and backward buttons, I do it a hell of a lot less than I do on the iPad.

4. It doesn’t get hot

My iPad gets very hot, especially if I’m using it outside in the sun. The Kindle has no such issue, and can be used for a glorious afternoon of sun drenched reading without discomfort.

5. It’s gentler on the eyes

After staring at a computer all day at work, coming home to stare at a computer some more to keep up to date with the blog and my writing. Looking at the iPad is like looking at the computer screen some more, and I really like how reading on the Kindle is almost the same as reading a paper book.


5 thoughts on “5 Benefits of the Kindle

  1. Sarah Farrugia says:

    I use a Kobo (partly because it’s blue!) but I love it for the same reasons! And it was so handy when I was travelling to Sydney for a week or two. Gave me plenty to read without taking up room in my suitcase. 🙂


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