Weekly Round Up #45

Weekly Round Up #45 (01/06-07/06)

We’d been promised a heatwave by the end of the week, but the start of it was wintery – gale force winds, driving rain, and temperatures that felt barely above freezing. It certainly didn’t feel like June.

Which wasn’t making me feel any better about my cancelled birthday holiday (more on this next week) because I really wanted a bit of sunshine!

Fortunately, by the end of the week, things had picked up a bit. The wind didn’t drop at all, but there was a lot more sunshine, and I even managed to catch the sun a little during my half hour lunch break at work. It’s made a lot of difference to my general mood – and to the size of my washing pile!

It was Taylor’s twenty-first birthday on Thursday. Which was nearly a real disaster for me, as I had a hair appointment that overran, so I was rushing round like a crazy person, and didn’t even manage to wrap her present. But we did get to spend the evening together and have curry, which was really nice. Then, on Saturday, we had a second party, with Mr T. and family, which involved Pimms and scones and generally too much food.

We also spent the evening getting our headsets set up so we can play Playstation online together. It’s not so important for now, but when she’s living in Chester and can’t just pop round for a quick session, we want to have some way of playing together. Mr T. suggested Dead Island. It was fine once we were playing together, but unfortunately, the first little bit of the game involves going through a creepy hotel on your own. I was a little bit scared… I’m a wimp. I know. But once we got outside and were able to play together, it was really good fun, and I look forwards to playing the rest of the game!

The Boyfriend has taken advantage of the better weather and done lots of cycling. I’ve gone swimming for the first time in ages (I just feel so rushed off my feet at the moment, I don’t know what’s going on) and I have a week off, without a holiday – but still a week off, to really get back on the exercise track. I was so motivated to get a bikini body, but as soon as the holiday was cancelled I was a bit of the ‘to hell with it, eat loads of cake!’ attitude. But I still have the holiday (as yet unbooked) that the Boyfriend and I are going on in October. I can get my bikini body for then!


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