5 New Podcasts

I did a post a while back about the Podcasts I listen to. Recently, I’ve got to almost the end of the ones I’m listening to, and needed a new backlog to get through for my commute to work. These are some of my favourites I’ve found:

1. Criminal

Basically a rip off of Serial, but with a single case per episode. I love a bit of mystery, and I love weird and wonderful crime stories, so this has been hugely enjoyable. Plus, the episodes are quite short, so good for a brief burst of housework or shorter journeys.

2. We’re Alive

A zombie story – always a winner. I really like the full cast production of this, and it’s really professionally done. The characters are good, and the sound effects put you right in the environment they live in. I’m only on chapter eight or so, so I’ve got loads of listening pleasure to get out of this one.

3. PseudoPod / PodCastle

After enjoying EscapePod so much, I decided to take a look at its sister podcasts, and found I loved them too. The stories on PseudoPod are a bit more hit and miss in my view (horror is not my favourite genre) but when they do a good one, they are brilliant. The recent Baby Weight (Episode 438) was so haunting I’m still thinking about it weeks after listening!

4. Serial

So compulsive, and so annoying. I wish there had been some sort of resolution – my sister warned me there wasn’t – but it was an interesting exploration of the failings of our court system, and how difficult it can be to get to the truth of something. In the end, there are only two people who will ever know what happened to the girl who died – the girl and her killer.

5. The Walking Dead Cast

After coming up to date with The Walking Dead TV Podcast, I was ready for another Walking Dead fix to help me survive until October. I like how different this is to The Walking Dead TV Podcast – it doesn’t feel like listening to all the same material again, even as the Podcast episodes start to be about episodes of the TV show. I love that there are so many creative people out there producing content for our enjoyment for free!


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